Paid: Tales of Dongles, Checks, and Other Money Stuff

Hot off the press! Paid: Tales of Dongles, Checks, and Other Money Stuff just came out on MIT Press. I have a piece on dirty dollars as art and trash included in the volume, edited by Bill Maurer and Lana Swartz, alongside essays by David Graeber, Keith Hart, Taylor Nelms, Jane Guyer, Bruce Sterling, and others. As Lana said, “It’s the book on khipu, dogecoin, Diner’s Club, dongles, airtime, signatures, ATMs that you didn’t know you needed.” Get yours here!!

With such a wealth of songs about “money stuff,” I also decided to create an unofficial mixtape for the book. I asked Paid‘s authors and editors for their favorite songs about money and payment to add to the mix. If you know any songs about khipu, e-signatures, or airtime gifts, send them my way!

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