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Standardardizing Species: Listening to, Representing, and Universalizing Bird Sounds in the 20th Century

I’m excited for Alexandra Hui’s upcoming talk November 4th at UC Davis and for the chance to act as discussant of her paper. She will be the second invited speaker of our Innovating Communication in Scholarship and Center for Science … Continue reading

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Fare protest!

On December 20th of last year, I made the attached recording at a subway station in Mexico City.  On it, the normal voices of travelers resound a bit more loudly than usual through the expansive above-ground station.  There is shouting … Continue reading

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Performing the Sound Ethnography Project, Concord

I was recently invited to curate and perform the Sound Ethnography Project at Concord, an artist-run gallery and trans-disciplinary collective in Los Angeles, for the opening of their PS 1010: Road Felt exhibition. I selected and mixed fieldrecordings produced by … Continue reading

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Inhabiting the (aural) Aesthetic Dimension

Numerous memoirs, social-scientific studies, and anecdotal tales of passion and failure reveal cultural work to be a profoundly ambivalent affair. On one hand there are – at least superficially – numerous opportunities for self-expression and self-actualization compared to many other … Continue reading

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Sounds of South Korean e-Sports

This recording was made at the I’PARK e-Sports Stadium at Yongsan station in Seoul. It documents one ‘set’ in a professional StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty match, a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, as part of the 2012-2013 season of … Continue reading

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This recording was made at ‘Action PC Bang’ in the Huam-dong neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea. Korean PC bangs are similar to what we might call an Internet cafe in the United States. While a few customers might frequent PC bangs simply to surf … Continue reading

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The Palm Print

Contrary to popular depictions or what one might imagine, “ghost hunts” or paranormal investigations are quite mundane. What I mean by mundane is that usually nothing happens. For the most part, paranormal investigations involve a lot of waiting around for … Continue reading

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