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Inhabiting the (aural) Aesthetic Dimension

Numerous memoirs, social-scientific studies, and anecdotal tales of passion and failure reveal cultural work to be a profoundly ambivalent affair. On one hand there are – at least superficially – numerous opportunities for self-expression and self-actualization compared to many other … Continue reading

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Sounds of South Korean e-Sports

This recording was made at the I’PARK e-Sports Stadium at Yongsan station in Seoul. It documents one ‘set’ in a professional StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty match, a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, as part of the 2012-2013 season of … Continue reading

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Sounds of a South Korean PC bang

This recording was made at ‘Action PC Bang’ in the Huam-dong neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea. Korean PC bangs are similar to what we might call an Internet cafe in the United States. While a few customers might frequent PC bangs simply to surf … Continue reading

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The Palm Print

Contrary to popular depictions or what one might imagine, “ghost hunts” or paranormal investigations are quite mundane. What I mean by mundane is that usually nothing happens. For the most part, paranormal investigations involve a lot of waiting around for … Continue reading

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Two bus rides in 2011

Part 1: Slow Travel in Beirut For the 16 months that I lived in Lebanon, I was totally carless. In fact, I didn’t sit behind the wheel of a car for that entire period. Luckily, there were many transportation options … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed by the Sound of Protest in Seattle

[Reprinted from Adonia’s blog, Urban Adonia] Protest marches bring people together and create mobile places that subvert many people’s quotidian uses of streets. I ride a bike, so I’m in the street quite often, but is that the case for … Continue reading

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Bicyclists as Musicians, City as Acoustic Shell: Kagel’s “Eine Brise” in Los Angeles

Hi, I’m Adonia. My fieldwork investigates how bicyclists co-create public spaces. I lived in Los Angeles from 2008 to 2011. Just about two years ago, I received an invitation to participate in a concert with my bicycle. The Colburn School, … Continue reading

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